Next-generation biomaterials Fashioned from nature

MycaNova® is a next-generation biomaterial made with our sustainably grown mycelium.

The making of MycaNova®

Third-degree circular

Our mycelium is a by-product of the natural fermentation process at Citribel. We are an industrial producer of citric acid. The raw materials for the production process are sugar molasses, which are side streams from sugar refineries. It makes MycaNova® a third-degree circular biomaterial, and it’s a world premiere.

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With a 100-year history of producing natural citric acid on an industrial scale, Citribel generates a stable, continuous volume of wet mycelium, comparable to around six football fields of mycelium per day. After careful harvesting, we can dry and mill the filaments on-site, creating tons of unique mycelium powder every day. Both the mycelium powder and MycaNova® are available in large quantities, powered by our experience, infrastructure, and service.

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Quick Impact

Depending on your demands, we combine the dried mycelium with various synthetic, recycled, or natural binders. This way, we strike a balance between functionality and ecology: strong, durable materials with a smaller ecological footprint. Up until now, we’ve realized a fabric containing 64% bio-based material, made of mycelium powder, natural or recycled backing materials, and bio-based PU’s. Of course, we would prefer to go for 100%, but the planet has no time (and resources) to waste. By replacing some of your purely synthetic materials with MycaNova® today, you are already contributing to a better future.

no time to waste

Unlimited Designs

Based on the first tests, MycaNova® is a promising substitute for purely synthetic leather and biobased alternatives to leather. We mix the mycelium powder with various binders, generating a beautiful speckled material. Once dyed, the colors range from an earthy brown to an intense black and many more. We’re currently researching the structure and technical performance, and the first results are exciting. So many design possibilities, and we’ve only scratched the surface. Let’s unlock them together.

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