Is MycaNova® 100% bio-based?

No, MycaNova® consists of natural, non-GMO mycelium powder combined with binders and backing material. Both the binders and the backing materials can be of natural or synthetic origins. We currently produce a variety of MycaNova® fabrics, some containing up to 64% bio-based material, made of mycelium powder, natural backing materials, and bio-based PU’s. MycaNova® is also available in 100% solvent free varieties.

Is MycaNova® a suitable substitute for synthetic leather?

Yes. Because of the mycelium powder, MycaNova® contains fewer oil-based PU’s than other synthetic leather alternatives.

How does MycaNova® contribute to saving the planet?

There is a myriad of elements that make MycaNova® a sustainable choice.

First and foremost, mycelium powder is a third-degree circular product. We upcycle the waste (mycelium) of the waste (sugar molasses).

Second, MycaNova® is available right now and in large quantities. We grow six soccer fields of mycelium per day. Regular synthetic alternatives for leather can be replaced today by MycaNova®, which results in an instant and substantial reduction of oil-based PU’s.

We aim for an immediate impact by carefully balancing functionality and ecology. As a result, we create strong, durable materials with a substantially lower ecological footprint. In parallel, we hope to contribute to any initiatives towards fully recyclable, even more sustainable material solutions.

Third, we use existing industrial infrastructures to produce mycelium and the final MycaNova® product, thereby avoiding a substantial environmental cost, such as new buildings, new machines, new CO2 emissions, etc.

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