What is MycaNova®?

MycaNova® is the next-generation material we have developed, combining our in-house produced mycelium powder with various binders and backing materials.

We strike a balance between functionality and ecology: MycaNova® is a strong, durable material with a smaller ecological footprint.

What does MycaNova® mean?

The name MycaNova® derives from mycelium (“My”), Citric Acid (“Ca”), and “nova,” as it represents our commitment to innovate, to evolve, and to continuously develop toward better sustainable solutions.

How is MycaNova® produced?

Step 1: Fermenting sugar molasses to produce citric acid.
Step 2: Harvesting mycelium, a by-product of our fermentation process.
Step 3: Drying and milling mycelium, generating a distinct mycelium powder.
Level 4: Combining the mycelium powder with various binders and backing materials, creating MycaNova®.

What are the design options?

We’ve selected various binders and backing materials with different origin (synthetic, recycled, natural) and properties. The specific blend of mycelium percentage, binder, and backing define the functional properties, such as strength, color, and durability.

coloring and texture

The easy mixing of mycelium powder in existing industrial processes ensures a wide range of color and texture options.

technical properties

MycaNova® is a more sustainable alternative to synthetic leather and consequently holds the benefits and downsides of other synthetic leather alternatives. The technical properties depend on the percentage of mycelium added and on the choice of the binder and backing.

Saving waste from waste, regenerating nature.
Let’s rebuild the future together.

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