What is Mycelium?

Mycelium is the vegetative root structure of a fungus. Mycelia often grow below ground but can also thrive in other places such as decomposing tree trunks. The fruiting bodies of fungi, mostly mushrooms, can sprout from mycelium.

As mycelium grows, it creates a dense network of long, microscopic tubes with an impressive range of functions. Not only does mycelium provide all necessary enzymes for natural decomposition, but it also supplies plants and trees with the proper nutrients and finally enables them to communicate with one another, earning mycelium the nickname “the wood wide web.”

Different kinds of mycelia exist, all with their specific superpowers.

Why is mycelium having a big moment?

In recent years, biotechnology has ramped up. In its wake, scientists have turned their focus on an up-until-then much-neglected universe: fungi. Mycelium is now widely hailed as one of the most promising nature-based systems because of its unique properties.

For instance, mycelium can build predictable structures by controlling temperature, CO2, humidity, and airflow to influence tissue growth. Moreover, it’s a rapid process: the accumulation of threads becomes a visible speck after a few hours and a visible sheet after a day or two. Therefore, mycelium is widely accepted as a promising biomaterial.

Also, because of its decomposition properties, mycelium can be coaxed to break down other materials than it traditionally does. Successful experiments whereby fungi digest plastic and transform it into harmless substances underline the huge regenerating potential of fungi.

What makes our mycelium different?

Just like any other organism or species, a wide variety of mycelia exist. Our mycelium grows fast, it grows on liquid sugar molasses, and it generates citric acid.

In the last couple of years, we have broadened our research, discovering distinct functional properties of our mycelium. In addition, we have been perfecting the harvesting, drying, and milling of the wet mycelium, generating a unique mycelium powder with promising applications in fashion- and other material markets.

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